Rotary Distributors

in Standard and Custom-made Designs

Another important component in our product range are hydraulic rotary distributors for use with different liquid and gaseous media. Components can be designed and produced with up to 44 channels and for operating pressures up to 400 bar on customer's specification. The rotary distributors are equipped with special seals of Hunger DFE GmbH for hydraulic oil, grease, gas, water and other operating media.

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A Rotary Distributor in Detail

Cross-section of a light metal rotary distributor showing the ports and seals with leakage oil ports in between.

Ports:NW 16.25mm
Media:mineral oil 250 bar air 10 bar
Speed:5 rpm

Rotary seals made of teflon-compound slide rings and NBR O-rings

Standard Rotary Distributors

One- or Multi-port Rotary Distributors
The rotary distributors for company Rekofa are mainly used in automobile cranes, vehicle platforms, fire fighting vehicles, agitating machines, step positioners, revolving tables and special machines in connection with slip ring bodies.

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Standard Rotary Distributors 2 and 4 Channels
Operating data:
max. pressure: 350 bar
max. periphery speed: 1,5 m/s
Two separately arranged roller bearings provide precise guidance to the rotor. This four-port distributor is used where several with different media, pressures or flows impinged lines shall be connected to a turning machine part.

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Special Rotary Distributors

Special Rotary Distributor 44 Channels
Rotary distributor for company ELHA for a 4-station special machine, fitted vertically into a revolving table to control four independently operating clamping devices.
pressure: 300 bar
media: hydraulic oil

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Special Rotary Distributor 24 Channels
The rotary distributors for company Krauss-Maffei are used in injection moulding machines to produce so-calles multi-colour/multi-component moulds. These moulds consist of different colours or materials and are manufactured in one operation process. To achieve this in one operation process, one half of the tool has to be cycled at 120°/180° or 360°. That means a second material is sprayed onto the first or a third onto the second with each cycle.

Although the tool cycles forward or backward or turns over 360°, the mould nests have to be continuously supplied with cooling water. Pneumatically and/or hydraulically operated movements and processes have to be carried out on the tool. In order to supply such energies to the turning tool rotary distributors are an imperative need. Media/Pressure: water / 15 bar, hydraulic oil / 150 bar

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Special Rotary Distributor 12 Channels
Rotary distributor for a laddle turret used in a continuous slab casting plant for company SMS Concast, USA

Media/Pressure: water-glycol / 210 bar, Argon / 210 bar, air / 210 bar

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Special Rotary Distributor 14 Channels
Multi-channel rotary distributor for company MAN in the pivot of the ladle turret. The heart in the production chain from the raw steel to the rolled product for the modern continuous casting technology. Intermittend operation with +/- 180° swivel angle for continuous casting operation.

Media/Pressure: mineral oil / 250 bar, grease / 250 bar, compressed air / 20 bar, Argon / 20 bar

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Special Rotary Distributor 14 Channels
Rotary distributor with double sealed ring channels and control connections to control the seals. Two ball bearings provide for stable and maintenance-free bearing of the stator in the rotor.

Media/Pressure: mineral oil / 250 bar, phosphat ester / 250 bar, grease / 250 bar, compressed air / 16 bar, Argon / 26 bar

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