Plain Bushings

Dust and Spray Water Resistant Maintenance-free

  • for radial and axial movements
  • equipped with special bearing layers with PTFE or compounds
  • rings made of steel, stainless steel or bronze
  • shock-absorbent properties
  • for high operational demands
  • dimensions as per DIN 18550
  • special designs available

Hunger’s maintenance-free plain bushings WGB and GB are constructed according to DIN 18550 (DIN ISO 4379) specifications. Instead of the sintered metals, non-ferrous metals, artificial carbon and duroplastic materials mentioned therein, the bushings are made of closed steel rings with PTFE based bearing layers.

Hunger plain bushings are designed for radial and axial movements and distinguish themselves by a particularly low friction coefficient without stick-slip effect.

Thanks to the strong bearing layer very long service lives can be achieved.

Fields of application:

  • bearings in hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders
  • bearings in construction machinery in tough applications
  • maintenance-free bearings in civil engineering, off-shore and shipbuilding
  • longitudinal guiding in press construction and handling technology
  • guidings in casting and rolling technology
  • bearings in lifting and conveyor technology
  • bearings in process engineering
  • guidings in welding technology