The Steady Development of Hunger Hydraulics Group

The history of the Hunger Group begins in 1945 in Frankenberg, Saxony. Having returned from the war, Walter Hunger took over an old forge. Only three years later, the the 23-year-old constructed his first hydraulic tipping truck using a strut which had been removed from an airplane wreck. From that point, things went in quick succession: Workers were hired to manufacture hydraulic pumps, valves and telescopic cylinders to fit to trucks and trailers at the main Saxonian plant and a distribution network was set up. The rapid upswing of the still-young firm was suddenly stopped ten years later. The threatened socialization of private enterprise in the former GDR sent Walter Hunger and his family fleeing to the west. Along with a few workers who also fled, he successfully begins anew in Franconian Lohr. The enterprise is very quickly amongst the top manufacturers of hydraulic cylinders.

1983 - The foundation of Hunger Maschinen GmbH

In 1983 the Hunger Maschinen GmbH is formed from the machine and tool construction departments of Hunger DFE GmbH. The trigger for this is a large Soviet order for pipe processing machines according to patents belonging to Walter Hunger for the fields of deep-hole drilling, internal and external honing as well as special machines for injection moulding techniques for sealing and bearing elements.

The company, which is located in Würzburg, supplements the existing range of products with the manufacture of hydraulic elements. Modern production techniques, precision and high quality standards are the company's yardsticks in order that in future, too, new outlets can be found for the company's products in all regions of the world.