Customer Service

Special Designs

Due to our flexibility we are in a position to go along with specific requests and demands of our customers to a large extent. Custom-made solutions are our daily business which ensures that for any requirement the right equipment is used. All solutions are optimised individually and tailored to our customer's specifications and specific application cases.

The mutual development of the right solution guarantees our customer an efficient fulfilment of his demands. We also manufacture to customer's drawings, if desired.


Take advantage of our experiences in the fields of repair, maintenance and servicing.

We repair and/or maintain your hydraulic components, irrespectively of make and type, within shortest time. Immediately on receipt of the respective components at our premises we will work out a detailed offer for the repair/maintenance work – which under normal circumstances is free of charge – and, if necessary, with exact damage analysis. After customer's approval the repair and/or maintenance work is executed within a few days – and if required and possible – even within some hours.

On request we do not only exchange parts but also optimise the cylinders in cooperation with the customer. Such measurements may partly lead to considerably higher stand still times which increase the service live of the machines and reduce the costs.